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Babalu Interview from PDG

Last post 02-20-2008, 3:06 PM by Tim McFatridge. 0 replies.
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    Babalu Interview from PDG

    Another good interview from www.punchdrunkgamer.com go check out their site 
    Exclusive Update: "Babalu" Sobral
    By Dave Carpinello
    Babalu Sobral

    PDG:  Let’s start with the big news in the world of MMA; Mirko "Cro Cop" leaving the UFC and joining the new K-1/Dreams. What are your thoughts?
    Babalu:  I have heard of the new organization and I am surprised the UFC isn't suing him yet. Good for Cro Cop, he didn't have a good experience in the UFC so it is good that he is able to go fight somewhere else. He is a very good fighter.

    PDG:  Alright, let’s get to you; When is your next fight?
    Babalu: Basically, right now all I have coming up is the finals for the Ring of Fire with Josh Barnett’s team.  I think it is on April 23rd in Macao, China.

    PDG:  Strikeforce VP Mike Afromowitz did an interview a couple of weeks ago and he said that “Babalu will probably be involved in a title fight in his debut. Whether it’s a direct matchup with the Strikeforce light heavyweight champion or a four-man tournament with three other fighters has yet to be decided.” What do you think about that?
    Babalu: I don’t man, I have not talked to them for a while but it would be great to fight anyone.  The tournament sounds like a fun time but you have to be compensated to do those.  They are fun but really tough on your body.

    PDG:  Would you rather just fight the champion or compete in a tournament?
    Babalu:  Whatever gets more money [laughs]. 

    PDG: Speaking of money; You were slated to fight last month in the WCO event that was cancelled the day of the fights.  What happened and when did you find out that you were not going to be fighting?
    Babalu:  I didn’t find out that I wasn’t fighting until five hours before the event was to start.  I was in my hotel room resting and concentrating on the upcoming fight and then my manager called and told me the fights had been canceled.  So I took my things and went back home.  Luckily the athletic commission was watching our backs so atleast I was still paid 20% of my contract. 

    PDG:  Leading up to the event it seemed like they were having problems.  Did everything seem normal?
    Babalu:  No.......no because they had a lot of problems the day before with weigh-ins and the contracts.  I really couldn’t think about whether the fight was going to happen or not though.  I needed to make sure I was prepared to fight.  Afterwards both guys [promoter and organizer] were pointing fingers at eachother.  Whatever……the fight did not happen and they screwed themselves.

    PDG:  You have been training non-stop since September.  With your next fight a couple of months away, are you taking a little break now?
    Babalu:  I am still training twice a day on improving my technique.  Next week I will be going to Los Angeles for a pro boxing camp.  So I really am not taking too much of a break.

    PDG:  Last time we talked you said that Lyoto Machida would be the UFC 205lb Champion someday.  What do you think of his rumored upcoming match with Tito Ortiz?
    Babalu:  I heard that Tito is not going to fight him anymore, so they are going to have to find another opponent for Machida.  I got the news a couple of days ago that he was fighting someone else.

    PDG:  It didn’t really seem like Tito wanted that fight.
    Babalu:  I don’t know about Tito man……he is a celebrity.  He makes a lot of money outside of fighting so I don’t know if he really wants to fight.

    PDG:  Yeah, his birthday party with Jenna Jameson was posted all over the internet.
    Babalu: See, nobody watches my birthday party [laughs].

    PDG:  So are you going to be helping with Josh Barnett’s preparation for his return against Yoshida?
    Babalu:  Yes, when he gets back from Japan.  Him and Erik Paulson are there doing some pro wrestling shows. 

    PDG:  Erik told me the other day that you guys at the gym are glad Josh is fighting again because you guys are tired of him beating up on people in practice.
    Babalu:  [Laughs] Yes, that is true.  He has some pent up aggression.

    PDG:  Thanks again, is there anything you want to add?
    Babalu:  Thanks just let the fans know I will be back in the cage soon.

    ***Special thanks to www.MMAAGENTS.com and GT*** 

    Tim McFatridge
    Co-Founder of the JKD Kali Association
    Owner and Head Instructor of ISG Martial Arts in Waco, Tx.
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