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Last post 02-18-2009, 9:56 AM by Tim McFatridge. 1 replies.
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  •  12-28-2008, 7:35 PM 1285


    So does anyone here have any martial arts specific kettlebell excercises?  If so, please share!
    ory Smith Jeet Kune Do Kali Association - Co-Founder Fighting Method University - Chief Instructor10C
  •  02-18-2009, 9:56 AM 1293 in reply to 1285

    Re: Kettlebells?

    Hey Cory... since no one else has responded I will give you a couple that I have my guys do. I will have them grab the 25-40lb kettlebells depending on where they are at strength wise. I will have them do start off by placing the kettlebell on the ground in front of them. They will then stand with feet shoulder width apart and kettlebell in front of them. Squat down keeping your head up and your back straight... grab the kettlebell with one hand and stand straight back up. Be sure to keep your back straight. As you stand up raise your arm straight out and up in front of you... to really work your shoulders. Then back down placing kettlebell on the ground and back to starting position. This is one rep.

    I have my guys (and myself) do 20 reps with each arm. This will build your legs and shoulders which will benefit you when you do a single or double leg takedown. This will also benefit you in the event you shoot in on someone and they counter with a sprawl. When they sprawl and you hit the ground.... form your base... then grab their hips or around their legs and pull them into you. Next... you will get your feet under you and stand up as you push or lift them up and dump them.


    Have fun training

    Tim McFatridge
    Co-Founder of the JKD Kali Association
    Owner and Head Instructor of ISG Martial Arts in Waco, Tx.
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