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UFC 200

Last post 07-02-2016, 2:42 PM by Tim McFatridge. 0 replies.
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  •  07-02-2016, 2:42 PM 1325

    UFC 200

    UFC 200 takes place July 9th. The card is stacked and should be a great night of fights. Brock Lesnar will be taking on heavy hitter Mark Hunt in his UFC return. I am very interested in this fight and seeing how Brock Lesnar will perform. When Brock in the UFC his first go around he was never 100 % healthy because he was dealing with diverticulitis the entire time. He had surgery prior to fighting and losing to Alistair Overeem (which was a crazy fight to take coming off a surgery like that) but now says he is 100% healthy and ready to fight. Brock has amazing speed for a man his size and has explosive take downs. His striking was improving before he left the UFC but his body was failing him because of the disease. It will be interesting to see what a 100% healthy Brock Lesnar can do. I have to pull for Brock because of his connection to Greg Nelson and Erik Paulson. He has brought Greg Nelson back in as his fight coach and if anyone can find a way for Brock to beat Hunt and not get knocked out it is Greg Nelson.

    Mark Hunt is probably the hardest hitter in the heavy weight division with knock out power in both hands. He does a great job of using his jab to hide the uppercut. Hunt is also a great stand up fighter and striker having spent time in K1 with a lot of success. One thing to keep in mind though is that Lesnar has a81" reach while Hunt has a 74" reach.


    Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar will be fighting on the card as well which should be a very entertaining fight. Both guys are quick but Aldo is faster. However, Edgar has more heart than a lot of fighters and Aldo will have to do everything he can to make sure he doesn't give Edgar a chance to win. I am pulling for Edgar in this one. Although I like both fighters.

     Meisha Tate vs Nunes should be a good fight also. I give the edge to Tate only because I feel this is her time now that Rousey is out of the picture. When you look at the fighters on paper it looks like it could be a battle. They have about the same experience. Nunes is 2" taller than Tate and has a 4" reach advantage which can come into play.  Tate has a 17% KO/TKO while Nunes has a 75% KO/TKO. Tate has 39% Submission rate vs Nunes who has 17%. Tate has 44% decision while Nunes has 8%. Punch accuracy is 42% Tate vs 50% Nunes. Take down accuracy is 34% Tate 38% Nunes. Take downs defended is 53% Tate and 60% Nunes. Just from those stats it should be a great fight.

    Then we have the title fight and main event between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones. Any other time I would give this to Jon Jones all day especially after their first fight. However, since Jones has been out of action for awhile I have to give the edge to DC. Jones is good but we all know he has not been right in the head this entire time. He had to take some time of to try and get his head right. Now that DC is the champion I think he is hungrier to keep it than Jones is to get it back. I also think DC really wants to avenge that loss to Jones. Either way regardless of who wins it should be a very exciting fight.

    Tim McFatridge
    Co-Founder of the JKD Kali Association
    Owner and Head Instructor of ISG Martial Arts in Waco, Tx.
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